The Bravest Cat

PJ Masks - ♪♪ The Bravest Cat ♪♪ (New Song 2016!)

PJ Masks - ♪♪ The Bravest Cat ♪♪ (New Song 2016!)


Released August 10, 2016

"The Bravest Cat" is a 1-minute song that was posted in the form of a music video to PJ Masks' official YouTube channel on August 10, 2016. As of September 6, 2016, this song occasionally airs on Disney Junior on Disney Channel as an interstitial in between programs.


  • Unnamed Male Singer(s):
    • He's the leader of his team
    • He's faster than the eye can see
    • His giant leaps will blow your mind
    • He's the bravest cat that you will find
    • He'll never let his teammates down
    • When trouble calls he'll be around
    • "PJ Masks, we're on our way
    • into the night to save the day"
  • Catboy:
    • "It's time to be a hero!"
    • "Super Cat Speed!"
    • "Cat Ears!"
    • "Super Cat Jump!"
  • Unnamed Male Singer(s):
    • Catboy! (Super Cat Speed)
    • Catboy! (Super Cat Jump)
    • Catboy! He's the bravest cat that you will find
    • Catboy (Super Cat Ears)
    • Catboy! (Super Cat Leap)
    • Catboy!

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