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You are on the home page of the PJ Masks Wiki, a wiki for the Canadian-animated Disney Junior series PJ Masks, which premiered on September 18, 2015! The show focuses on three kids who have super-powered pajamas to help them save the night (and day) from being ruined by villains such as Romeo and Luna Girl. The show also teaches morals on how to be a better person!

This wiki (which was founded by Gamekirby on September 19, 2015) features all kinds of information about PJ Masks characters, episodes, vehicles, locations and more! To begin, click on any link on this page or "Random Page" in the navigation bar to get a surprise!

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Featured Character: Teacher



Teacher (concept art)

Teacher of Connor, Greg, Amaya, Cameron and more

The teacher is an unnamed adult male who teaches Connor, Greg, Amaya, and Cameron's class.

The teacher is open and caring of his students, and tries to give everyone a chance to learn and speak their voice. In "Speak UP, Gekko!", he encouraged Greg to continue his poem, despite laughter from the class.

Since he is an adult, the teacher is much taller than his students. He has tan skin, short dark brown hair, and light brown eyes. He wears teal colored square glasses and a teal sweater vest covering a white and light blue striped shirt and a dark blue tie. He also wears dark blue pants with a brown belt.

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Since the teacher earned his spot on the featured characters section in June 2017, every character from PJ Masks has had a month on our featured characters section. As new characters are expected to debut in Season 2, the featured character voting poll will be temporarily put on hold until Season 2 premieres. We apologize for the inconvenience! In the meantime, you can request next month's featured image to SirBlaze on his message wall.

Catboy main
Gekko main
Romeo main

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Featured Image (November 2017)
OATMF-Owlette upside down

From Season 1 Episode 23A, "Owlette and the Moonflower"
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Wiki & Series News
  • (9/1/2017): This month, PJ Masks celebrates two years on the air in the United States! Our wiki is also holding its two year anniversary on September 19.
  • (8/1/2017): Disney Junior has been debuting new PJ Masks shorts! See them on their official YouTube channel.
  • (8/26/2016): Beginning on August 27, 2016, the PJ Masks Wiki will be featured on the Wikia Spotlight at the bottom of every Wikia page!
  • (8/16/2016): Voice recordings for Season 2 are underway.
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