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Welcome to the PJ Masks Wiki
Welcome to the

We are currently editing over 307 articles, and 679 files.

You are on the home page of the PJ Masks Wiki, a wiki for the Canadian-animated Disney Junior series PJ Masks, which premiered on September 18, 2015! The show focuses on three kids who have super-powered pajamas to help them save the night (and day) from being ruined by villains such as Romeo and Luna Girl. The show also teaches morals on how to be a better person!

This wiki (which was founded by Gamekirby on September 19, 2015) features all kinds of information about PJ Masks characters, episodes, vehicles, locations and more! To begin, click on any link on this page or "Random Page" in the navigation bar to get a surprise!

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Featured Character (December 2016)

Luna Girl's moths


Voice actor(s) unknown

The moths are Luna Girl's minions (and the only friends she has). In "Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade", they were almost replaced by butterflies. They sometimes carry Luna Girl around when she doesn't use her Luna Board.

They follow all of Luna Girl's orders and attempt to complete them to the best of their ability. The moths love her, despite her often mean and verbally-abusive treatment to them. In certain situations, they attempt to warn Luna Girl of impending misfortune, even though she tends to ignore them. They have the ability to make noise to mimic human language and sometimes try to speak to Luna Girl to also warn her.

The moths are small and white in appearance. They are each about the size of Luna Girl's fingers but can be large when flying in groups.

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Featured Image (December 2016)
SSG 1-Luna Girl rides the giant moth

From Season 1 Episode 25A, "Super-Sized Gekko"
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PJ Masks - ♪♪ Hello Christmas ♪♪

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  • (9/1/2016): This month, PJ Masks celebrates one year on the air in the United States! Our wiki is also holding its one year anniversary on September 19.
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  • (8/16/2016): Voice recordings for Season 2 are underway.

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