"Owlette and the Owletteenies"
Season 1, Episode 22A
(Overall Episode #43)
Owlette and the Owletteenies
Premiere date
USA United States of America
July 15, 2016
Written by Rachel Murell
Directed by Christian De Vita & Wilson Dos Santos
Viewer count (millions) TBA
Episode Guide
"Gekko's Super Gekko Sense"
"Gekko's Blame Campaign"

"Owlette and the Owletteenies" is the first half of the 22nd Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


When Night Ninja finally pushes the Ninjalinos too far, they become Owlette’s new sidekicks. But when Owlette forgets what it means to be a good leader, the Ninjalinos cause some chaos of their own.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Owlette and the Owletteenies":


By day, Amaya told Connor and Greg that their teacher had made her a leader for their group. Meanwhile, their field trip was canceled because someone has stolen the Chariot. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Night Ninja was the one that had stole the Chariot. The Ninjalinos were tired of Night Ninja for always being mean to them and Owlette said that he was not a very good leader and she described what type of leader she would be like. Then, the Ninjalinos had decided that they wanted Owlette to be their leader (which meant they had betrayed Night Ninja), and Night Ninja went away. Owlette called the Ninjalinos, the "Owletteenies". But Owlette kept on making the mission harder by trying to get the Owletteenies (former Ninjalinos) to do what she wanted.


This episode teaches us that with great power or respect, comes great responsibility.


  • This episode (along with "Gekko's Blame Campaign") was released 4 days early on Disney Junior's mobile application and official website.
  • This is the first time that Owlette becomes the leader of the PJ Masks.
  • This is also the first time that the Ninjalinos finally stand up to Night Ninja. However, Owlette doesn't prove to be a very good leader, and starts acting similarly to how Night Ninja did. They do eventually go back to Night Ninja, when he apologizes.
  • A villain (the Ninjalinos) swap teams for the first time in this episode.
  • This episode mentions Egyptian culture for the first time.
  • It is revealed that Night Ninja has a soft side. Owlette even mentions it, which ends up offending him.
  • The Museum is revealed to have a model Space Shuttle. It is functional; Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos can be seen riding in it before the engines failed.

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