Season 1

Catboy's Cloudy Crisis

Owlette and the Moon-Ball

Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade

Owlette the Winner

Owlette and the Giving Owl

Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus

Catboy's Tricky Ticket

Catboy's Flying Fiasco

Gekko's Stay-at-Home Sneezes

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Gekko Saves Christmas

Gekko and the Mighty Moon Problem

Owlette's Feathered Friend

Gekko's Blame Campaign

Owlette and the Moonflower

Catboy and the Lunar Dome

Super-Sized Gekko

Slow Down, Catboy

Gekko's Special Rock

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Character Galleries
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| Night Ninja | Ninjalinos | Luna Girl | Romeo |
| Cameron |
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