Let's Go PJ Masks!

PJ Masks - ♪♪ Let's Go PJ Masks! ♪♪ (New Song 2016!)

PJ Masks - ♪♪ Let's Go PJ Masks! ♪♪ (New Song 2016!)


Released August 10, 2016

"Let's Go PJ Masks!" is a 1-minute song that was posted in the form of a music video to PJ Masks' official YouTube channel on August 10, 2016. As of September 6, 2016, this song occasionally airs on Disney Junior on Disney Channel as an interstitial in between programs.


  • Unnamed Male Singer:
    • Gonna try-y-y together
    • Try-y-y together
    • Even if we miss the on first shot
    • We'll try it again and we'll get to the top
    • Let's go PJ Masks
    • We're gonna work together
    • If there's a mountain too hard to climb
    • If there's a wall that's a little too high
    • If we see villains looking for a fight
    • One more shot and we'll rule the night
    • Gekko has super might
    • Owlette flies in the sky
    • Catboy comes to lead the way
    • We're the PJ Masks and we'll save the day
    • Gonna try-y-y together
    • Try-y-y together
    • 'Cuz We're better, we're taller, we're faster, we're stronger
    • Let's go, PJ Masks
    • We're gonna win together

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