"Gekko's Stay-at-Home Sneezes"
Season 1, Episode 11B
(Overall Episode #22)
Gekkos Stay-at-Home Sneezes Card
Premiere date
USA United States of America
November 20, 2015
Written by Tom Stevenson
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) 1.05
Episode Guide
"Catboy's Flying Fiasco"
"Gekko Saves Christmas"

"Gekko's Stay-at-Home Sneezes" is the second half of the 11th episode in Season 1 of PJ Masks.


It's another day as Connor and Amaya where in Greg's bedroom, checking on a message in a laptop of the 1st issue of "The Flossy Flash" comic book when suddenly an e-mail says that the comic had been stolen when suddenly, Greg started sneezing as he had the sniffles as when the PJ Masks enter their HQ, Gekko was needed to stay in the HQ to get better as the gang finds Luna Girl with the comic as while Owlette and Catboy check on Luna Girl as her real motive is to takeover the PJ Masks' HQ.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Gekko's Stay-at-Home Sneezes":


By day, Connor, Greg and Amaya start to get the first issue of the Flossy Flash comic. Amaya and Connor notice that Greg has some serious sneezes, and tells him to stay inside until he gets better. Then, they found out that the comic was stolen. But Greg wants to help, and states that a sneeze won't stop Gekko. At night, Catboy says that now that he's Gekko, he got "super sneezes". Gekko always goes out of HQ to warn Catboy and Owlette about Luna Girl ignoring his super sneezes, but Catboy and Owlette are telling him to stay inside. Luna Girl states that she will take over PJ Masks HQ with Gekko out to warn Catboy and Owlette.


This episode teaches that it's sometimes best to stay behind when the situation is necessary (such as sickness in this case).


  • This episode was previously referred to as "Gekko Has the Stay-at-Home Sneezes".
  • This marks the first time a character gets sick.
  • This is a second time a nighttime villain tries to take over the PJ Masks Headquarters.

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