"Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage"
Season 1, Episode 14A
(Overall Episode #27)
Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage
Premiere date
USA United States of America
January 22, 2016
UK United Kingdom
March 9, 2016
Written by Craig Martin
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
Episode Guide
"Clumsy Catboy"
"Owlette's Feathered Friend"

"Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage" is the first half of the 14th episode in Season 1 of PJ Masks. It premiered in the United States on January 22, 2016.


Romeo creates a new robot named Robette, and as a result, Robot begins to feel left out. Later, after Owlette accidentally crashes into Robette, it decides to take over the world despite Romeo's plans. It's up to the PJ Masks to stop it, and to save Romeo!


The following characters appeared in the episode "Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage":


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  • This episode teaches that you should let other people play with you if they want to.


  • This episode was previously referred to as "Catboy, Gekko & the Robot Rampage".
  • A reference to Nintendo's Donkey Kong game was made when Catboy and Gekko jumped over some barrels.
  • When Robette was flipping cars on the street, it is estimated that it possibly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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