"Catboy No More"
Season 2, episode 14A
(Overall episode #79)
Catboy No More title card
Premiere date
USA United States of America
July 27, 2018
Written by Justine Cheynet
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"Gekko Vs. the Splatcano"

"Catboy No More" is the first segment of the 14th episode in Season 2 episode of PJ Masks.


Robot made a Catboy costume for Romeo who then steals Catboy’s powers. To stop Romeo, Catboy will have to learn to be a superhero – even without any superpowers.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Catboy No More":


The episode begins at near the soccer field, where Connor, Amaya and Greg are playing red light, green light game. While they're playing, Robot appears with the wig and scarf for disguise to avoid being recognized and sneakily spies at them to measure Connor's height for his boss' costume. Amaya turns around, but she is shocked, when she sees Robot in a little suspicious, but didn't recognize him because of his disguise. She then continues their game anyway, as Connor and Greg moves foward and Robot continues to sneak to Connor. Amaya again turns around, but she caught Robot behind Connor, trying to measure his height. Robot then flees as the three kids try to catch him, but he manages to get away from them, which soon realizes that Romeo is up to no good. That night, the narration sequence started as Connor, Amaya and Greg transforms into PJ Masks as they head to their Headquarters. Catboy picks Cat-Car and went outside their HQ to find Romeo. When they arrived at his location, they find him in his lab, just then when Catboy tries to stop him, Romeo targets his Vacuum of Doom to him, stealing his powers. Catboy becomes powerless, without his powers, he won't be able to run fast, use his cat stripes or jump higher. Owlette and Gekko chases Romeo, but only for Gekko to be fall off his lab, but Owlette catches him on time, but her flight is in out of control. As they're about fall on the ground, Catboy manages to catch them on time with his Cat-Car, which the two PJ Masks thanks him. Catboy is then very upset about his powers being stolen by Romeo and thinks he's now a regular kid in a costume. Owlette comforts him not to worry that they'll put the powers back to him from Romeo. Owlette then flies up and uses her owl eyes, then finds Romeo's lab in a distance. When they get there, they see Robot was making a costume like Catboy for Romeo, but Romeo doesn't like the look of it that Robot made, as the PJ Masks laughs at it. While Romeo is complaining at Robot about his ugly costume, an invisible Gekko sneaks to get the ball, filled with Catboy's powers, but he gets caught, as the costume that Romeo throws landed on him. But, he immediately tosses it to Owlette, but Robot grabs her foot, causing her to drop the ball. Catboy tries to catch his power in a ball, but fails. Romeo got again his powers and then fled away with Robot. Catboy is again very upset from being powerless, which causes him to think that he's no longer a hero and PJ Mask, but Owlette tells him that he saved her and Gekko earlier and he's still a superhero even without powers. Catboy agrees and then the trio continues to stop Romeo. Catboy makes his Cat-Car block Romeo's lab in its way. Romeo uses his invention as it almost shot Owlette, but Catboy shields her. The Vacuum of Doom shot him, but nothing happened to him, much to Romeo's anger. Romeo tries to go steal Owlette and Gekko's powers, but Catboy blocks his way and later cause him to stumble by his foot. Robot try to help his boss, only for Owlette to cause him hit himself, but he also accidentally hit Romeo's lab, causing the ball of Catboy's powers to fall on the ground, but Catboy catches it on time. When he grabbed it, his powers is brought back to him, which Catboy has now again his powers. As Robot was accidentally hopped away with Romeo, the villain swears that he'll get them next time, as the PJ Masks won and poses their victory. At daytime, this time Connor is his turn in "Red light, green light" game, and Amaya and Greg jokes him with a tag, then they laugh together.


Coming soon.


  • Romeo introduces his Vacuum of Doom.
  • This is the second episode where Romeo steals a PJ Masks member's powers.
  • Robot becomes the second sidekick to appear in the daytime.
  • PJ Robot does not appear in this episode.
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