"Catboy's Tricky Ticket"
Season 1, Episode 10A
(Overall Episode #19)
Catboys Tricky Ticket Card
Premiere date
USA United States of America
November 13, 2015
Written by Justine Cheynet
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) 0.97
Episode Guide
"Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino"
"Gekko and the Missing Gekko-Mobile"

"Catboy's Tricky Ticket" is the first half of the 10th episode in Season 1 of PJ Masks.


The day starts with Connor that he has the spare ticket to the concert, Jayden Houston, but he has to take only one best friend, Amaya or Greg and they see the concert is cancelled because Jayden's golden microphone was stolen as the kids learn that Luna Girl stole the microphone to perform her own concert as the kids learn that Luna Girl has a terrible singing voice.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Catboy's Tricky Ticket":


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  • The PJ Masks sing their own theme song for the first time.
    • Luna Girl is also seen humming the song to herself while fleeing the scene. This could mean that she possibly likes the PJ Masks.
  • The tune that Luna Girl sings is very similar to the ABC Song.
  • At the beginning of singing the song, it is sang in the Announcer's voice, and the PJ Masks' mouths do not move.

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