"Blame it on the Train, Owlette"
Season 1, Episode 1A
(Overall Episode #1)
Blame it on the Train Owlette Card
Premiere date
USA United States of America
September 18, 2015
Canada (For Template Only) Canada
February 7, 2016
Written by Sasha Paladino
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) 0.89
Episode Guide
"None (first episode)"
"Catboy's Cloudy Crisis"

"Blame it on the Train, Owlette" is the first half of the 1st episode in Season 1 of PJ Masks.


The day starts with Amaya wanted to ride on the fast train at the carnival as she rushes her way in until the kids discover that the train is missing as it is up to the PJ Masks to solve the mystery of the missing train.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Blame it on the Train, Owlette":


The episode begins with Connor, Amaya and Greg going to the fair. Amaya then dashes off excited. Greg asks why she is as such, and Amaya says the fair has an amazing new ride- the Fairground Flyer Train. She describes it like flying and Connor said he likes going fast. Greg was amazed as he saw the long line of children waiting to try the new ride. Amaya then invites them to check it out, then run off cutting in the line while the angry children complain at the back. Connor and Greg were a little embarrassed, so Connor called Amaya when suddenly the speakers announced the train ride is now open- but it was gone. The children were shocked and all except the trio left disappointed. Greg questions how big objects such as the train disappear. Connor points out that the tracks are still circular, implying how can the train get off track. Then Greg exclaims as he sees train track marks. Connor concludes that it has to be a nighttime villain. After that, the narration sequence started, they transformed into the PJ Masks and head to their headquarters. Owlette again rushes off the Owl Glider, but Catboy stops her and points out they need to stay on the ground. Thus, Owlette quickly pressed the button activating the Cat Car, with Gekko mentioning how impatient Owlette is afterwards.

They then went to the place where the disappearing train track marks were found and decided to follow the marks. Owlette dashes off again, but this time, Romeo's Laboratory appeared running out of control. Owlette urges Catboy and Gekko not to mind Romeo and focus on finding the missing train. So, they followed the tracks until there was no more. Then Owlette used her Owl Eyes and saw the train speeding up ahead. Catboy drove fast to see who was driving the train. They were surprised to see Romeo, whom they thought was in his Lab. Romeo explains that something in his Lab short-ciruited and took off by itself, and that he's using the train to catch it. After Gekko asked where the tracks come from, Romeo introduces his invenntion- the Tracker Whacker. Catboy was impressed as Romeo describes more features of his invention. Owlette shouted that Romeo doesn't need to use the train to catch the Lab because they can catch it for him. Romeo refuses and reveals his evil plan to upgrade the train some more after capturing his Lab and being the fastest villain in the world. He was then interrupted when his surveillance cameras spotted his Lab. He mocks the PJ Masks then sped up, leaving them behind. Owlette warns them that the train would be even more dangerous once Romeo catches his Lab and that they must stop him quickly. Catboy responds by speeding up towards Romeo's direction.

As Romeo focused himself on catching the Lab, Catboy puts the Cat Car in auto-pilot, and the three of them leapt sneakily aboard the train. Gekko exclaimed how awesome and cool the train was. The view then returns to Romeo, who thought he lost the PJ Masks. He blew the train's horn. Owlette then used her Super Owl Wings to fly to Romeo quickly but Catboy grabbed her by the foot, as she could have been hurt by the tree branches up ahead. Gekko reminded them to sneak up slowly. Owlette just wanted to hurry. She did not pay attention to her front when a bird flew to her and bumped her on her face, sending her flying and crashing into the trees. Romeo seemed to have heard them when Owlette shouted she's okay. He wanted to make sure they are not in his train. So he sent the train shaking. Owlette flies to the train and apologizes for accidentally letting Romeo know they're on the train. Catboy announces his new idea of going after Romeo all at once on three. Again, Owlette impatiently flies off at only the count of two. Romeo detects her and captures Owlette with a robot arm to hold her down. Owlette struggles and then regrets not listening to Catboy and Gekko. She saw the train almost catching up with Romeo's Lab. Then Catboy and Gekko appeared to help her out. She apologized for rushing off every time they have a plan. Catboy said it was just fine. Gekko then broke the robot arm with his Super Gekko Muscles. Owlette was freed.

Owlette now realized her mistake and has a plan. But she said she needs to wait. Romeo faced them and said he knows they are in the train, but not for long. He shook the train again. Gekko asks Owlette about her plan. Owlette explained her plan. Catboy was to leap up and gather tree branches, Gekko would crawl down next to the Tracker Whacker, then she would fly the branches to Gekko and use it to jam the Tracker Whacker and stop the tracks. Catboy praises Owlette for a great plan. Owlette says it would be successful, as long as she waits. They then set the plan in motion, with Owlette almost forgetting not to rush.

Romeo almost caught up with his Lab. He commands the Tracker Whacker to go for more tracks. At the back, Catboy does a Super Cat Jump and grabs two tree branches. Now it was Gekko's turn. He stealthily sneaks up to the front of the train, just above the Tracker Whacker. Gekko signals Owlette. It was her turn. She flew up to Catboy, grabbed the branches and handed it over to Gekko. Romeo heard them and ordered them to stop, but Owlette said it was too late. She shouts to Gekko and ordered him to jam the Tracker Whacker. The machine was successfully jammed and it ran out of tracks. The train shook that Romeo lost his balance and Gekko needed to use his Super Lizard Grip. Gekko called out his teammates to hold on to him as the train already lost control. Again using his Super Gekko Muscles, Gekko uses his feet as brakes to stop the train, which was still running closely towards the Lab. As the train stopped, it surrounded the Lab's path and the Lab was caught. Owlette reminded Romeo that they can really catch his lab. Romeo hurried excitedly towards his Lab, kissed it and told it that he might have lost the train but he will always have the Lab. The PJ Masks were already discussing how to get the train back to the fair when Romeo shouted happily that he will beat them next time. Then he left. Gekko was annoyed on how Romeo left without even saying thanks. Then they rejoiced and shouted 'hooray!', because in the night they saved the day.

Next morning at the fair, everything was back to normal. Connor said that although he has been on the train once, he can't wait to ride it again. The train arrived and the children celebrated. Unlike last time, Amaya let the other kids go ride first. She said she's happy to wait, and also wished them to enjoy the fast ride. Then Connor, Greg and Amaya laughed.


  • This episode teaches that patience is important.


  • This is the very first episode of the first season, and the series.
  • Romeo, making his first appearance, is also the first villain to be shown in the series.
  • In this episode, Romeo uses his Tracker Whacker.

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